Sunday, February 04, 2007

War with Iran (News)

Generals Warn Against ‘Disastrous’ Iran Attack
Three former high-ranking U.S. generals have called on the Bush administration to pursue diplomacy with Iran, saying “an attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences...”

A reader points out that Crusade Media has a number of articles relating to the war with Iran. A superficial scan of the headlines indicates that Crusade Media might be a pro-war site; I'll be examining these articles more carefully. I believe that views different from my own deserve visibility.

Iran Odds and Ends, which leads to The Bottom Line on Iran from the Cato Institute. (h/t to Lawyers, Guns and Money)

Infidel753 responds to my opinion about the war with Iran. My response will appear soon.

Update 2:
War on Iran: Stop Bush Before He Starts

Stay tuned for updates to this post for today's news about the threat of War with Iran.

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