Friday, June 22, 2007

Its okay if they're brown

This "liberal" apparently approves of pedophilia, female genital mutilation and amputation as just punishment for crime, at least so long as those perpetrating such crimes are brown or pray funny. (Not really, but if she can accuse me of supporting torture, I can make equally hysterical accusations.)

Good grief. This is not the sort liberalism that I grew up with, which values justice and liberty for all people, even if they're brown female children living in Somalia.


  1. I don't think it's proper for her to have so selectively quoted you without a bit more context. She could have at least used a whole sentence.

  2. Maiden is not a bad person, she means well. She's calling attention to an important issue.

    And, she's helping people find your blog!

    You're very right, though, about how liberalism has changed. It started out about principles, and now is just about power and money. It has become the system that it sought to destroy....

  3. I think liberalism has lost sight of a very important lesson, one I learned as a special education teacher: Fairness isn't about equal results or equal treatment; it's about people getting what they need. And, frankly, no one needs to have their bullshit intolerances glossed over because it's part of their belief system.

  4. She's probably a fine person, but I bristle at being called a neo-con and a supporter of torture.

    She did accurately capture my feelings about Islamic culture, although the remedies I advocate fall just a hair short of torture and invasion.

  5. This is exactly what I mean by PC Multiculturalism gone mad. Its cretinous proponents resemble W.S. Gilbert's "idiot who praises,in enthusiastic tone, every century but this and every country but his own."

    Thank goodness this absurdity is now somewhat on the wane in the UK, thanks to the excesses of our vocal Muslims.

  6. all values are relative, and absolute values do not exist. Take murder for instance. Most cultures today would condemn murdering children as "bad" or "wrong", but in many ancient cultures including the Carthaginian and Aztec cultures child sacrifice was regularly practised on a large scale. In the Aztec culture, thousands of children were ritually drowned to appease the god Tlaloc. There are many examples of how values differ from one culture to the next.

    But that was then, and this is now. Things have changed, for the "better" (whatever that means), haven't they? Today, all right-thinking people agree on what is right and wrong, don't they? Well, actually, no. Female genital mutilation, for instance, is still practised widely in a number of modern cultures. Even today, there is nothing absolute about the value of protecting children from harm...

    (post concludes at towards values free living

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    very short stories

  7. : Judging from the linked post, I think your notions about ethics and morality are similar to my own. However, I think your terminology is confused, and your label of "values-free living" an outright misnomer.

    This confusion is not entirely your own fault; the terminological confusion in the philosophical canon staggers the mind.

    Just as a note, please don't spam the comments with a lot of links. One or two links to your own board or inline links to amplify your points are fine, but the list at the end of your comment is a bit much.


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