Monday, June 22, 2009

A somewhat angry fucktard

Fucktard Andrew Adam Sherwood is angry that atheists don't buy his bullshit.
[just] because God gave us commands [doesn't mean] we can’t think situationally.
I don't think Sherwood actually pays attention to a lot of his fellow Christians, and I don't think he understands what a "command" is. I guess life is a lot easier if you get to make up your theology as you go along and just say that must be what God wants.
Furthermore, what basis does this atheist have for doing anything moral?
Pretty much the same basis use for thinking "situationally"; we just don't bother to attribute our personal moral judgment on a deity.
Who says the Nazi’s brand of morality is any better or worse than anyone else’s?
I do, for one. And who says the Nazi's brand of theology is any better or worse than Sherwood's? How can you tell? The Jehovah of the Old Testament seems to put Hitler to shame.
This person has apparently never had any kind of conversation with an intelligent Christian.
Neither have I. I've never met one, at least one that was at all intelligent about his or her religion.
question God’s plan ALL THE TIME!
It's easy to question; the hard part is, how do you answer the questions? Christians just make something up and call it "God's will." How convenient.
I think part of God’s plan is how we deal with accidents and the unexpected.
I don't think Sherwood understand a "plan" is either.
[Atheists] raise [their children] with their same biases, beliefs, morals, etc. To think that just because you’re raising your children without religion automatically makes them “free-thinking” is just damn stupid.
To think that atheists equate lack of religion with skeptical think is not just stupid, it's fucktarded. We teach our children to think for themselves, to at least examine our biases, beliefs or morals.

Sherwood's not that bad of a guy, but he apparently believes that all Christians are exactly like him, or that there are very few "true" Christians in the world. But this is the problem with (mostly) humanist, (mostly) moderate believers: they shield their batshit crazy co-religionists from the well-deserved criticism of their insane beliefs. I see this a lot: "I'm religious, I'm a Christian/Muslim/Orthodox Jew/Hindu and I'm not like that." Fine: if the shoe doesn't fit, you're not obliged to wear it, but a billion other people are like that. Why criticize us for pointing out the manifest flaws of a billion people even if you yourself don't have those flaws?

And you know, when you talk to these "I'm a nice, humanist, free-thinking, rational Christian" types, you always find something where they say, "Well, that's God's will, too bad if you find that oppressive." Usually about abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia or the exploitation of the proletariat. If you justify the oppression or enslavement of just one person you're just as evil as if you justify the oppression and enslavement of a billion.

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  1. The Robot Girl6/22/09, 11:32 PM

    I dunno how these religious people ever got away with it- i mean, look at what they're touting! If it was a normal contract it would sound like this:

    1) Our nursing home treats everyone with love, kindness and respect:
    The small print says- 'u will however be subject to psycho torment if u disagree.'

    2) Our nursing home provides a complete path to happiness and security and peace of mind.
    Again, please read the small print which says- 'management previously deliberately flooded a former nursing home and drowned everyone.'

    How DID they get away with this contradictory nonesense?


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