Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lieberman & Palin

Brian63, I owe you $100.

I was damn close though.


  1. Holy crapola, I had forgotten about this. That is odd too, because the vast majority of my political predictions are wrong. You would think that I would remember one that I managed to get right, but nope. Failed that too.

    At the moment I do not have any charities in mind, but can follow back with you at a later time when I find one. Or, I would be perfectly happy if you already have a favorite charity you would like to donate it to and get it off my tasklist. Either way is good.

    Thanks Larry,


  2. Well, I'm on the board of directors of The Lung Connection, a legitimate 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that provides housing for lung transplant patients. My mom is the founder and Executive Director.

    Would that be acceptable?

  3. That would be outstanding.



    P.S. I had read that McCain himself wanted Lieberman, but that his staff convinced him to with Palin instead.

  4. That's what I heard too. I feel like I'm at the races and my winner was disqualified. Shit happens, rama rama.

  5. You owe him an extra $50, honey. He said it wouldn't be a Caucasian male and it would be someone very conservative, chosen to pander to the base.

    Right on both counts.

    I'm impressed. This Brian guy is smart. Make more bets with him and your mother will get rich.

  6. He is smart. But I didn't actually accept the side bet, so it's only $100.


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