Wednesday, July 21, 2010

William Lane Craig on intellectual integrity

William Lane Craig on intellectual honesty:
You don’t have to have any brains to tell someone, “Have you seen the Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology? Before you say there are no intelligent theists and no good reasons to believe in God, maybe you’d better look at that book first. Otherwise, you’re not really informed.” You don’t need to have read these books yourself if you’re so pressed for time. All you have to do is know a few titles. ... Shame the unbeliever for his ignorance of the literature. ...

[L]earn to drop the names of some Christian scholars. ... Name-dropping is distasteful when someone is trying to show off, but in a case like this, you’re simply offering counter-examples to the sweeping claim that all Christians are ignoramuses, a view that is itself rooted in ignorance. [emphasis added]
A honest skeptic would say, "If you're going to argue a position, there's no substitute for learning about it. Read X, Y, and Z." I honestly believe that Dr. Craig is simply too stupid to understand his own profound intellectual dishonesty... and he's the best Christianity has to offer.

The problem is that if you actually read all the books and authors that Craig cites, you will soon realize their arguments are not just weak, they're total and complete bullshit.


  1. The amazing thing is how Dr. Craig is setting up John to fail. Recommend books one hasn’t read? I know if a Christian recommends books to me, the first question I have is, “Give me a short synopsis, and tell me why I should read it.”

    I’m not asking it to be clever or mean; I am asking because there are only so many hours in the day, and so many books one can read. I am asking to filter out unnecessary books. If even the Christian pushing the book doesn’t think it has enough importance or impact to read it—why would I?

    Or name dropping. Extremely dangerous for someone who actually knows the individuals. “Dr. Collins”—so, you agree with Dr. Collins that Evolution is a fact and Intelligent Design is misguided at best? “Dr. Evans”—you agree the Bible contains contradictions and errors?

    What John needs is one atheist who will actually answer his questions (rather than Dr. Craig’s disingenuous responses).

  2. Wow, it is mindboggling that someone could say that shit with a straight face. These religious fuckwits really have convinced themselves that lying in the service of their "faith" is a moral good, haven't they?

  3. filter out the bible , its a totally useless book

  4. very good posts there , i love william too , he is the classic
    example of an idiot. but hey this guy had an revelation you know


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