Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (don't argue with me edition)

the stupid! it burns! Why You Should Not Argue With Atheists
In fact, let me go a step further and suggest you avoid arguing atheists altogether, in any forum.

I’ll tell you why: atheism is an indefensible superstition.

It is a flamboyantly false belief clung to desperately by only the least imaginative and the most emotionally partitioned of people. ...

Atheism is only, and ever was, an emotional argument.


  1. When you first hear about psychological projection, it sounds like one of the nuttier Freudian ideas that would have been discredited by now.

    But, I've lost count of how many theists I've seen say stuff like this, and it can only be called textbook projection.

  2. Hardly a projection, gentlemen. It is rather a simply tally of those men who hold certain belief in certain orbits.

    Nothing more complicated than that.


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