Monday, February 07, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (smooth musical lyric edition)

the stupid! it burns! Are Atheists Capable of Love?: No. Happy Valentine’s Day!
The short answer to this question is no, Atheists are not capable of love because in fact and practice love requires thinking outside of their own interests and experience as well as expressing an emotional maturity beyond their ability. They just can’t help it. ...

Enduring these slurs on Christian character means one must turn the meaning of the word slur from “insult” to “smooth musical lyric” or perhaps modify further to “melodramatic wailing for attention” before responding. ...

All this [atheistic] reasoning points to a soiled logic and defective mindset incapable of recognizing within others God’s anointing grace of creation just as they fail to recognize it in themselves. Only God can create; human beings are left to innovate.

A good portion of Atheists’ hate comes from the fact many suffer from undiagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Update: D'oh! Poe'd again! It's just so hard to tell sometimes.


  1. Nothing says "emotional maturity" like living with an imaginary best friend your entire life.

    And nothing displays a lack of narcissism like believing your imaginary best friend created the entire universe for you and your pals.

  2. Scottish Phil2/8/11, 1:00 AM

    You've done it again! Christwire is still a parody site. (See: The Stupid! It Burns! January 2, 2011).

  3. D'oh! Poe'd again! It's just so hard to tell.


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