Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (Thursday hat trick edition)

the stupid! it burns! A trio of stupid today!

What’s Going on with the Atheists?
If there was ever any doubt that Atheism is a belief system (rather than a factual system based on empirical proof), the Atheists, themselves, are removing any doubt. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. Two unrelated stories were reported this week which clearly make the case.

First, a group of Atheists in England have proposed a 151 foot tower in London to celebrate “new atheism.” This tower is being proposed as a “Temple to Atheism.” Now why would Atheists need a temple?

The second story is the account of an upcoming Atheist rock festival at the Ft. Bragg military base called “Rock Beyond Belief.”

Atheistic Materialism’s Failure to Account for Enduring Personal Identity: Part II
One problem for strict atheistic materialism is its failure to account for enduring personal identity over time; since the body undergoes constant intrinsic material change.
It's so cute when idiots try to mimic the conventions of philosophy.

Top 10 Questions for Atheists
Here are some questions I have for the lowest of the low, the worst people, the most disgusting form of life, the most hateful of all human beings, the lowest possible form of existence – the atheist.

#10 – Do you take pleasure in telling lies or are you just so gullible that you believe any anti-religious lie you hear?
It just goes downhill from there.


  1. WOw, those questions are too funny! I couldn't resist some short answers over there.

    The lack of self-awareness that some people display is astounding.

  2. If you want a real belly laugh, read his ABOUT link! I'll give you just a taste:

    "Who am I? Around 2007 upon arising from higher states I started awakening this strange innate ability for argumentation logic that I have which surpasses even Aristotle and William of Ockham. I started unintentionally getting involved in lots of arguments and debates. This happened when I entered into higher states and started seeing all arguments in systematic patterns.

    I first realized that I had this ability when I independently re-derived Ockham’s razor sometime around the beginning of 2007. But during that time I had no formal knowledge of argumentation logic at all, like nothing, so I had never heard the words “Ockham’s (or Occam’s) razor” before."



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