Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (honest edition)

the stupid! it burns! Yes, atheists do sometimes make it to TSIB.

Congratulations, Atheists! I'm Ashamed To Be Counted Among You!:
I am so incredibly ashamed and infuriated by some of our most respected leaders: ashamed of their laziness; ashamed of their cowardice; ashamed of their closed-mindedness; ashamed of their inability and unwillingness to reason.

I am disappointed in my fellow community members: that we have the cojones to refer to theists as "sheeple" while, apparently, following along our own leaders equally blindly.

Why? Because one man suggested that Atheism and secularism has the potential to succeed to the same degree that religion has. How terrible of him! How dare he not conform! [emphasis omitted]

I have to admit, I did not complete the Honest Atheist's post: the Geocities use of formatting, colors, fonts, underlining, etc. started to make my eyes bleed. But apparently, this "honest atheist" appears to be all butthurt that a lot of atheists don't share his own admiration for de Botton's book; anyone who didn't like it, he seems to think, is obviously a deluded fool and couldn't possibly have read the book.

If you're ashamed to be one of us, HA, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.


  1. He should move over to the agnostic table where the rest of the self-righteous kids sit.

  2. So, you're not going to read "Religion for Atheists" but you're going to negatively blog about it...

    and now you're going to (admittedly) NOT read my post about how people are blogging and reviewing a book that they haven't read...and blog about that too?

  3. I'm blogging only about you being a complete idiot. I was able to discover that you are a blithering idiot in the first three paragraphs, and I confirmed in the following three. That you are an idiot is beyond doubt; the depth of your idiocy, however, is an abyss I fear to plumb.

    1. It's unfortunate that "name-calling" isn't anywhere on your "debate flowchart". I greatly suggest adding Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement to your page somewhere.

      I guess you're just not that good at reading...since, especially for a philosopher, you sure know how to avoid my points quite well.


    2. I really don't care that much about your points. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and even if you were absolutely correct (I suspect you are not), you would still be a complete idiot.

  4. FWIW, I've read two post on your blog. The first two I came to that had any comments. And your comments here are sufficient for me to determine that I need not waste any more of my time.

    I only comment now because (1) I'm already here, and (2) I thought you might appreciate some feedback considering most people don't blog just to hear/read themselves.


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