Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (down with Myers! edition)

the stupid! it burns! P. Z. Myers can, I'm sure, defend himself more ably than I could. I'm just here to shake my head yet again at the stupidity and assholiness of the human race, atheists (this time) included.

PZ McCoy
PZ Myers is an intelligent man who has said some profound things; however, one must wade through all his prate and twaddle in order to find it. . . .
Bud seems to object to
all the sharp-tongued polarizing drivel that PZ uses in an attempt to maintain his popularity. . . .

The problem with PZ's popularity is that he doesn't represent freethought. . . . Freethought Blogs is PZ's attempt to herd the cats. But PZ Myers represents what PZ Myers believes, and if you disagree, then you are no longer in the club[*]. . . . What's worse is that other well-intentioned bloggers have followed suit, drawing battle lines and demonizing those with whom they disagree.
*The link does not lead to anything that Myers himself wrote.
This was (and is) the damage caused by Elevatorgate. One of the biggest problems with Elevatorgate was the polarizing effect it had. . . . Rebecca Watson herself had such hubris** that she thought she could villify [sic] Richard Dawkins and lead the non-theistic community in a revolt against him because of what he said about her. . . .
**Surprisingly enough, this link fails to lead to anything that Watson wrote.

David Futrelle, aka "ManBoobz," did the same thing to me*** not too long ago, labeling me and drawing his battle lines, turning me into the enemy, causing the most devoted and mindless of his devotees to drive the monster out of their village. All because I had an opinion he didn't care for. Instead of advocating freethought, they're just the McCoys looking for some Hatfields to fight, and if they can't find any, they'll make some up. . . .
***Again, not linking to anything that Futrelle wrote. What are the odds?
Allow me to challenge your thinking and force you to apply logic and reason in an attempt to overcome your cognitive biases, and I've done my job. I won't demonize anyone for simply having a difference of opinion. We can disagree on this or that and still be on the same side when it comes to the issues we all hold dear: critical thinking, science advocacy, human rights, justice, freedom, compassion, and equality.

Too bad you don't do any of those things, Bud.

I would have, of course, reproduced any arguments and evidence that Bud had introduced, but there weren't any.

Sigh. Sometimes an atheist is someone with only one fewer stupid idea than a theist.


  1. My mom told me that I'm smart. And handsome.

  2. The first link goes to a post about PZ kicking someone off FtB. It is relevant and provides correct information.

    The second link goes to a post about Watson's hubris. It is relevant and provides correct information.

    The third link goes to a post about a person drawing enemy lines. It is relevant and provides correct information.

    So, in conclusion, your point is that Bud is, what...wrong? Because he linked to relevant sites and posts? Maybe you would also have us never use news sources? After all, isn't it just ridiculous when someone tells us what a world leader said rather than playing us their entire speech every single time?

  3. "Too bad you don't do any of those things, Bud."

    I suppose my question in response to this is whether or not you are a frequent visitor to Bud's blog? I suspect that you have not spent much time there because if you had I think you would have a different opinion of the success of his goal which you quoted in your entry.

    Bud and I disagree on most of our conclusions in the matter of religion. Having said that, to imply that he is stupid or to say that he doesn't challenge the thinking of those who agree or disagree with his positions may say more about you than it does about him.

    I hope you'll take the time to read a bit further and get an informed opinion. Knowing Bud as well as I do, I can assure you that he'll respect your opinion even if it disagrees with his. The only opinion he won't respect is one of willful and vincible ignorance. And since you have essentially called him out, shouldn't your opinion be informed?

    Now, if you can say that you did spend time reading his material, as he has with PZ, then I would take all of this back with profuse that the case?

  4. The kicking of Thunderfoot off FTB is disturbing. He is a well-respected vloger whose videos even I have linked to. He was invited onto FTB because of this, and there was much excitement that he had joined the community. Now he is kicked off, and the reason given is that he was a “Sitty Blogger” …go figure.

    I looked at his response to being kicked off, and it did not appear “embarrassingly clueless” or “transparently absurd” to me. I wish I could sound so reasoned when I am hurt and angry.

    One of the core questions Thunderfoot brought up was captured in a clip where a female blogger complains of rape threats from "hundreds of atheists". This is serious stuff. Are these credible rape threats (and by credible I mean not trolls wanting to make the atheist community look bad)? What can we do to stop them? Myers recently posted an example of what he considers to be a rape fantasy of the type Anita Sarkeesian gets. He was referring to this not-nice line of an e-mail he posted: “if you don’t all I can to is hope you get raped to death by Jaguars in the Yucatan.” That line is not-nice, but it is a childish rant not a rape threat.

    If women atheists are getting credible rape threats from hundreds of other atheists because they are female that is very important. I agree with Thunderfoot that the credibility of those threats is a significant part of this being important.


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