Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (billboards and bumper stickers edition)

the stupid! it burns! A double dose of stupid today.

Atheists Rail About "Vitriol, Threats and Hate Speech" On A Hateful Billboard Directed At Christians Yes, Ms Cellaneous is talking about the billboard above. The author quotes Fox News: "Amanda Knief, managing director of American Atheists, said a report from Fox News on Wednesday about the billboards led to a national outpouring of 'vitriol, threats and hate speech against our staff, volunteers and Adams Outdoor Advertising.'"

The author then comments on the issue:
vitriol, threats and hate speech against…” …. and what does she consider that Billboard to be? A love hug?

Stupid is, as stupid does. Not that all atheists are “stupid”, but their lack of true knowledge is as immense as is their lack of consideration for those who have faith in God. People who believe in a Creator God far out number [sic] those who do not.

These atheists have made a decision to close their minds, their spirits and any rationale toward God. But how anyone can look at the beauty of nature or a living creature, and not see God’s design, seems rather remarkable. The intricacy’s of the human body can’t be created in a laboratory, nor have all monkeys ‘evolved’ into humans. . . .
[T]hose who believe in God don’t try to force non- believers into participating in their beliefs (radical Islam excluded).

Michael Frissore opens "Atheists Are So Much Smarter Than Christians." - an atheist, with his dislike of the above Darwin Fish.
You're that much of a smug prick you put a bumper sticker on your car mocking the Jesus fish. Whatever. Go with...whoever the hell you go with. . . .

When an atheist argues with a Christian, they're playing with house money. They can't lose, particularly in their own mind, because the final argument is always, "Show me proof." They want you to prove to them that God exists. The punchline, of course, is that no human being can prove a higher being exists. If a god, any god, were to show up here, we'd probably all go blind or die from the mere sight.

As usual, lots more self-parodying stupid in the originals.


  1. Hey, Larry!

    Thanks for the mention! A little late, but my retort is bellow!

    XOXOX and Praise Jesus!


  2. Or above. Linked to my name. And I meant "below." Just correcting myself I know you atheists jump on the "stupid Christian" thing.

  3. waaah! I'm offended! waaahhh!

  4. That atheist impression is spot on, Stewie.

  5. As an atheist it's shit like this that makes me offended. I do not try to argue with my christian family, I respect their beliefs and try to have them respect mine. Of course, they do not. They are brainwashed to believe that there is a god and that evolution is false. The majority of the christians who "successfully" argue with atheists have incorrect information about evolution. In private schools, they teach kids that dinosaurs never existed, the earth is only 2000 years old, and fossils are all fake and made by cults. Conspiricising against science is not proof for you, it is showing that you will do anything, even lie to yourself, to prove to yourself that you have a god.


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