Saturday, October 13, 2012

Freethought Blogs

Since as far as I can tell, all of the Freethought Blogs link only to other Freethought Blogs on their sidebars, I'm not going to link to any of them myself on my own sidebar.

Update Oct. 14: Ed Brayton links outside FtB, so he'll go on my sidebar.


  1. That's a shame, I hadn't noticed that before. Have you attempted to raise the issue with them? It would be good if they linked to external blogs which are related to the subject matter each one discusses, rather than just repeating the same FTB blogroll on every page.

    1. Have you attempted to raise the issue with them?

      I haven't. I'm fairly busy, and I don't have any clout: That I don't link to them will probably cost them ones of readers.

  2. Ed Brayton regularly links to other websites that he then comments on. I can't vouch much for other bloggers there either way though.


    1. I'll still link in-post to specific items I think are interesting; I've removed FtBs only from my sidebar links.

  3. Ah, on the sidebar. Thanks. I am a little slow sometimes when it comes to internet references and terms. Though I did just check a small number of blogs on FtB and some of them did have external blogs linked to on the sidebar, and some did not not. The ones that did, had the links posted further down, so maybe you just have to scroll down a bit more before you get to them. Otherwise, it looks to be a policy not of FtB but probably of the individual bloggers who they have on their sidebar. For instance, PZ had some, Greta Christina, Blag Hag (who is not posting currently, however) have external links posted.



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