Sunday, November 17, 2013

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless:

  1. It Doesn't Take Much to Wind Up Homeless
  2. Having a Job Won't Save You
  3. Government Benefits Aren't as Much Help as You Think
  4. Shelters Are a Band-Aid
  5. Your Free Time Becomes Your Enemy
  6. Your Biggest Asset Is Your Charm
  7. Most Homeless Are Young, and They're Only Homeless for a Couple of Months


  1. Nr 6 - your biggest asset is your charm.

    What would you say, if you were homeless (oh, you are) and people did what they could to turn off yours?

    I mean things like spreading words like "he's charming, but so are often psychopaths" or like spreading words about subtly treating me ways that will certainly, if added up, ruin my charm on occasions.

    I mean, if people are told to give one lots of sugary stuff, so one is unable to drink too much (as if one needed it) and on top of that doing it when you maybe already have a toothache or insects/acarians who take sugar in your blood as a signal for reviving, or if they are told not to allow you sleep (you know how one feels when one has too little of it) ... would you possibly conclude someone who wants you to fail miserably had a weeny bit to do with it?

  2. Oh, yes, of course one more thing on number 6 ... a man being charming can sometimes be taken for a faggot.

    What would you think if you were not but were taken for such? Possibly someone not really your friend behind, uh?*

    *No, I am not a Canadian, uh ...

  3. just the fact that I'm a well-spoken white man with all my teeth makes all the difference when that's the face of a person who has shown up on your doorstep asking for food.

    With all his teeth, see what I mean about sugar ...

  4. I'm not really sure what your point is but this ...

    a man being charming can sometimes be taken for a faggot.

    I do not permit this sort of language here. Make sure it doesn't happen again.

    1. What sort of language?

      Is it denigrating to charming people that people may be denigrating their charm if one states that as a fact?

    2. It doesn't help that your statement is utter nonsense. I have NEVER heard of such a complaint about homeless beggars trying to cadge change. "He must be gay because he is charmingly asking for change".

      Who considers the "charm" of a homeless guy looking for donations as a sign of homosexuality? Is that really the first thought you have? To me, that suggests a problem with Mr. Lundahl, not with the homeless guy's masculinity or perceived masculinity. It's downright strange, to be honest. And yes, I am indeed one of your evil sodomites, but I am not particularly charming, so...what the heck are you talking about Mr. Lundahl?

    3. I am talking of myself being a beggar, and of myself being taken for a faggot.

  5. On point #1. It's scary if you've ever taken the time to speak with some homeless folks. I've met several that were very successful, then things just kinda fell apart due to drugs, loss of a loved one, bad decisions. It really could happen to say of us!

  6. Thank for the link to that. It's very eye-opening. It could happen to any of us!

    I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, Larry!


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