Sunday, June 22, 2014

Links June 22, 2014

Political Economy

The Cost of Contemporary Policing
A Review of Alice Goffman’s On the Run

How Hayek Helped the Worst Get to the Top in Economics and as CEOs
The Iraq Delusion Revisited
The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth
Bureaucracy and Solidarity: An Interview with Staughton Lynd: What strategies can reverse the labor movement’s decline?
Thoughts on Robert Skidelsky’s Manifesto for the Reform of the Anglo-Saxon Economics Curriculum
Rent, Rent Control, and Economic Rents
Guns made civil rights possible: Breaking down the myth of nonviolent change: A crucial part of the struggle's been forgotten: how armed self-defense protected activists from white supremacists
The Disruption Machine: What the gospel of innovation gets wrong.
Gentrification’s Racial Arbitrage


Philosophy is a Bunch of Empty Ideas: Interview with Peter Unger
5 Everyday Objects Scientists MacGyvered Into Huge Advances


  1. I did not find the article on rent control very convincing. The example used as evidence only showed that rents increased when there was and also when there wasn't rent control. That only shows that rent control is not the sole contributor to rising rents (which seems trivially true).

    Based on my experience in the SF Bay Area, my impression has been that rent control is not the source of all problems, but it does cause many problems. For instance, it's created a class of voters who benefit from restricting the housing supply.

  2. Good point. I will (time permitting) try to think more deeply about rent control.


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