Saturday, July 12, 2014

Links July 12, 2014

Political Economy

On the emptiness of failed replications, strongly challenged by:
Being as wrong as can be on the so-called replication crisis of science
The most replicated finding in drug abuse science
Stupid arguments from a Positive Psychologist

Children aren’t worth very much—that’s why we no longer make many, an economic analysis of decline in fertility
Milton Friedman’s economics and political economy: an old Keynesian critique [pdf]
Rising rate of profit (note: Marx asserts that the rate of return on capital will fall under capitalism in its "ideal" state. We can observe that actually existing capitalists have necessarily departed from ideal capitalism, while retaining the utilitarian arguments of ideal capitalism.)
Class Brought to Life: Class, race, and gender intersect on multiple levels — we know that. The challenge is to translate this into an emancipatory project.


Why Don't More People Call Themselves Feminists?
In Defense of Fanny Price
Enough Already: The Anti-Atheist Article Shows Its Age
Does the Utilitarian Argument for Vegetarianism Add Up? (a deeply flawed analysis and rebuttal to Peter Singer's even more deeply flawed Animal Liberation)

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