Sunday, August 16, 2015

The economist's dilemma


  1. These ethic problems are a lot easier to solve than presented by most people. Ethics are just morals which are determined by the individual. Ethics (morals) are not the same as illegal. Stealing for family may be ethical but the law will throw you in jail. So to her stealing is OK but now the jury must judge.
    The truffles & Champagne is wrong because it has no food value.
    Also what is stealing? According to the buyBull, it is perfectly OK to steal. If you enter a man's field and eat all they can but cannot removed any.
    And the trolley stuff is really silly as there are so many things wrong with it. Just 5 questions makes you the observer look stupid and you should mind your own business.

    1. Zach is a humorist first and a philosopher second. Still, the question at the end is at least provocative.


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