Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Democratic party cannot be reformed

I see a lot of people looking at Bernie Sanders' campaign and thinking that his support shows the Democratic party might be reformed to become a true (or at least better) progressive, pro-worker party.

Ain't gonna happen.

Bernie Sanders won't win the nomination, If Sanders wins the nomination, he won't beat Trump: the neoliberal elite would rather have Trump than Sanders. And even if Sanders were somehow to become President, he wouldn't be able to actually do anything. (None of these arguments are reasons not to vote for Sanders.)

The retribution will be obviously facilitated if Clinton wins, and especially severe if Clinton loses to Trump: Sanders and his supporters will be blamed for the loss.

In 2019 and 2023, no one of Sanders' caliber will run against Trump or Clinton. The neoliberal wing of the Democratic party will get its shit together and make damn sure that no Sanders can even run, much less win. Anyone who supports Sanders now will be squeezed out of any meaningful role in the Democratic party. The neoliberal elite has too much power, and they're not going to give it up without a fight.

The only way to defeat neoliberalism is to defeat it all at once worldwide. It is certainly possible to defeat neoliberalism locally, but if a locality makes inroads against neoliberalism, it will be co-opted (Podemos) or brutally crushed (Syriza).

The neoliberal elite will retain its grip until the system fails catastrophically. The question is not how to defeat or even ameliorate neoliberalism politically: that train left the station in 1980. The question is: when neoliberalism fails catastrophically, who will pick up the pieces? The race is on between fascism and communism, and fascism is winning.

Happily, I don't expect to live until 2024.


  1. I'm sort of encouraged that both party machines are wobbling at the Presidential level.

    Of course, if Trump loses, the GOP will institute a super-delegate-like system to guarantee this doesn't happen again.

    And the DNC appears to have things under control on their side.

    Which is a shame. It would be great if the party system was put out to pasture, or at least became merely a fundraising mechanism for down-ticket races...

  2. Oh, I'm definitely happy they're wobbling. However, it won't be the reformists that steady the parties, but the traditionalists.


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