Saturday, June 18, 2016

Strictly commercial: Denver Cat Bar

My ex-wife Sana owns the Denver Cat Company, a cafe where people can drink coffee and pet and play with the kitties who live there.

She wants to open a Cat Bar in Denver, where people can drink wine and beer and socialize with the cats, especially in the evening when cats are more lively and social.

Like the cafe, the cats there will be available for adoption; the existing cafe has found humans for 150 cats so far.

She needs to raise $60,000 to open the bar. If you'd like to contribute, or know someone who would, please head on over to her Kickstarter page, America's First Cat Bar! Wine & Felines and do what you can.

She pays me to help her with her bookkeeping, but I don't get any commission or anything.

Sana is a dear friend, a great person, and the cat bar is a terrific idea!

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