Monday, August 01, 2016

I don't get it

You're willing to vote for Clinton who, at the very least, supported and promoted the Iraq war, someone who botched health care reform so badly it took a generation to get even the quarter-assed PPACA passed, someone who supports austerity, leading to the deprivation of millions, someone promoting the pro-business anti-worker TPP (who will quietly "fix" a few inessential provisions and then pass it), because, hey, we all have to compromise, dontchaknow. But you're not willing to cast a protest vote for Jill Stein because she's not as strongly pro-vaccine as you would like.

No wonder the Democrats keep moving to the right. You let them.

But hey, you're backing a winner!


  1. I think Donald Trump is a psychopath who will take himself down.

    But I'm trying to take a long view of things.

    Think about what happens when one of these two people win. Think about 2010, after Obama's big 2008 win.

    Is it even possible to imagine a scenario where Hillary Clinton doesn't have a scandal? How far would an impeachment set the progressive movement back if she gets into some minor (or major) scandal that she can't manage to dig out of?

    I don't believe she can help herself. She wants to be the kind of public servant who doesn't answer questions from the public.

    Of course, in the same vein, Senator McCain and Speaker Ryan have to realize that a Trump win just prolongs their pain for 4 whole years.

    I'm going to the Green Party convention this week. My vote can be swung.

  2. Protest vote for Jill, gets us where? OK 10% of the people show they don't like the 2 parties. But Trump is president which clearly shows the rePUKEians that the main part of 'merica LIKES HATE, BIGOTRY, unlimited gun violence, and the rePUKEian ideals of messing over everyone! Sorry that is NOT the message I want out there. Yes the DEMONcrats are not that much better but they are at least a little better then the rePUKEians!
    And you will never get a large enough group to vote green to make a real difference.
    And if Jill was demoncrat I would vote for her instead, as I am voting for anyone NOT a rePUKEians!!!! with a chance to win.

  3. See my latest post, The electorate as negotiators.

    We can construct our task as voters not as choosing between two predetermined alternatives, but as negotiators. To do so, we have to be willing to let Trump win; if not, Clinton can just enact whatever neoliberal horrors she wants, because she knows we'll vote for her regardless of what she does.


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