Thursday, July 15, 2010


[Last updated 8 Sep. 2012]

I've decided to restore comments.

As before, spam, pr0n, threats, commercial advertising, completely off-topic comments, batshit insanity (that means you, David Mabus) and outright lies about matters of fact (yes, you, Rob Singleton) will not be published. Otherwise, I'll publish most everything else. I don't care about profanity. Feel free to call me a fucktard. You don't need a "hard" identity (Google account, email address, etc.); you may use a handle. Word verification is on to keep spambots from making too much extra work for me.

I will rarely respond directly to comments. I will usually respond only to provide additional evidence or in rare cases clarification of points I myself consider unclear. I might create another post generally based on questions or criticism in comments, but don't hold your breath. Usually I've said what I have to say; 90% of criticism is from those who apparently cannot read and understand simple declarative sentences in the English language; it's usually a waste of time repeating my arguments. If you want a specific response, or you want to debate or argue with me in any sense, you can email me. I won't promise anything, but you at least have a shot.

When commenting, you must address me, not other commenters, in a similar fashion as addressing the Chair in parliamentary procedure. If you want to address another commenter directly, do it by email, their blog or your own, or find a message board. In general, I'm not interested in hosting debates between commenters. If I feel a debate is brewing, I may close comments for the post.

I cannot edit comments, and would not if I could. I myself cannot (and would not if I could) keep any records regarding the origin of comments or the locations, IP address and any other identifying information about commenters. I cannot speak for Google.

Occasionally I moderate comments. I do so only when I am being overwhelmed with spam or when a hostile or abusive commenter is harassing me. If moderation is turned on, be patient; I will approve most comments as soon as I can.

Pick a handle or moniker for your comment. With few exceptions, I will not respond or reply to purely anonymous comments. I may delete anonymous comments. If I have comment moderation turned on, I am far more likely to reject a comment if it is anonymous.

I keep a copy of all comments; if you want the text of a comment I have rejected or deleted, feel free to email me and I'll send it to you.

Finally, I retain the unconditional privilege of publishing, rejecting, or deleting comments at my arbitrary discretion.


  1. Cheers, now I can comment on your articles and posts.

  2. Cool! I've sent some of your stuff to friends and they've said they've wanted to comment. They thought it seemed a shame for you to post so much without comment.

    Keep up the good work Comrade!

  3. Hmmm, sorry. I addressed a commenter before I read this. The comment didn't post though, so I guess it's all good.


Please pick a handle or moniker for your comment. It's much easier to address someone by a name or pseudonym than simply "hey you". I have the option of requiring a "hard" identity, but I don't want to turn that on... yet.

With few exceptions, I will not respond or reply to anonymous comments, and I may delete them. I keep a copy of all comments; if you want the text of your comment to repost with something vaguely resembling an identity, email me.

No spam, pr0n, commercial advertising, insanity, lies, repetition or off-topic comments. Creationists, Global Warming deniers, anti-vaxers, Randians, and Libertarians are automatically presumed to be idiots; Christians and Muslims might get the benefit of the doubt, if I'm in a good mood.

See the Debate Flowchart for some basic rules.

Sourced factual corrections are always published and acknowledged.

I will respond or not respond to comments as the mood takes me. See my latest comment policy for details. I am not a pseudonomous-American: my real name is Larry.

Comments may be moderated from time to time. When I do moderate comments, anonymous comments are far more likely to be rejected.

I've already answered some typical comments.

I have jqMath enabled for the blog. If you have a dollar sign (\$) in your comment, put a \\ in front of it: \\\$, unless you want to include a formula in your comment.

Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment.