Sunday, March 29, 2020

Radical conservative stupidity

the stupid! it burns!Coronavirus relief will be used by radical progressives to promote Modern Monetary Theory by JD Rucker.

Oh my.

Probably the stupidest economic part of the article is this:
If we start devaluing it intentionally by pumping too much cash into the system, the rest of the world will bail out within weeks. Then, the national debt will lose it’s perceived support mechanism, forcing countries to demand collection before we devalue their investments artificially.

Collection of what? Countries such as China hold government securities. All they entitle those countries to collect are dollars. We can always print more dollars.

A close second, maybe tied for first, is this
There is no way the government can pay for the recent coronavirus relief bill, but it was deemed necessary to prevent an immediate economic collapse. . . . Unfortunately, the outcome of this will be devastating. The costs accrued during the coronavirus crisis will be stretched out over time in the form of massively adding to the national debt.

Rucker talks about preventing an immediate economic collapse and stretching massive costs out over time as if they were Bad Ideas. But what's the alternative? Allowing an immediate economic crash and incurring massive costs right now... or just not paying the costs of having a hundred million people stay at home or millions dying? Do we just let a hundred million people be evicted from their homes and left to starve or force them to work and let the pandemic spread?

I'm not saying that Rucker would prefer allowing millions of peoples to die to save the "value" of the dollar. But if he did, he would be in good conservative company.

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Democratic party is the enemy

I've been saying this since 2007: the Democratic party is the enemy of the people. They are the enemy of the working class, of the precariat, of the people who want to do their jobs and come home to their families.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are parties of the billionaire class. The Republican party is the bad cop, the Democratic party is the good cop, but they both are working for the same thing: to further billionaire class's desperate struggle to keep 80% of the population as poor as possible, as close to slavery as possible.

It's not over till it's over, and perhaps Sanders will pull off the nomination, but it looks like Biden will win.

Biden will lose the general election. He will lose mostly because he is a weak and stupid man, and Trump is at least competent in bullying people who show the slightest hint of weakness.

Biden will lose because he offers nothing to the people who support Sanders, and he offers nothing to the people who support Trump. Even if he were to win — Trump is not a healthy man, and it's possible he drops dead before the election, which is the only way Biden wins — Biden will do everything that Trump is doing, only without the cartoonish buffoonery. Biden will do nothing to improve the life of anyone who is not part of the 1% or their servants in the the top 20%. I absolutely do not care whether he who wields the lash wears a blue shirt or a red shirt.

But Trump will probably not drop dead, and Biden will lose.

And Sanders supporters will be blamed.

For me, I will claim what credit I can for Biden's loss. I will not vote for Biden. If Trump wins because of that, so be it. Yes, failing to support Biden is "objectively" pro-Trump, but supporting Biden is actually and explicitly pro-billionaire.

If the Democratic party wants to win, they must offer working people what we want. Not crumbs, not platitudes, not We're not quite as bad as the Republicans, but real power over our lives, our heath, our homes, our jobs.

We have to face the fact: Trump gives enough people in the working class something they want: if they can't have any real power over their own lives, Trump gives them permission set someone even lower and shit on them even as they're getting shit on by the billionaires.

What does the Democratic party offer the working class? Only this: "We're going to shit on you, just shut up and take it." I won't vote or support the Republicans, because I don't want to shit on anyone else, but I'm not going to support the Democrats because I'm tired of getting shit on and told to like it.

Until the Democratic party wants to, you know, represent us and our interests, I say fuck you. Fuck the horse you rode in on.

I used to say that the Republican party needs to be utterly salt-plowed-in-the-fields destroyed. It still needs to be destroyed, but the Democratic party will not do it. So I say now, the Democratic also must be destroyed. They cannot be saved.

Unless Sanders pulls off a miracle and wins the nomination, I will not vote for any Democrat ever under any circumstances for any office, from President to dog-catcher. And even if Sanders does win the nomination and the presidency, it will take a lot of convincing for me to believe the Democratic party has mended its ways.