Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comments and email policy

I'm getting enough comments and emails now that I should be explicit about how I treat them.

Although I reserve the right to arbitrarily moderate comments, I generally do so only regarding spam, physical threats or blatant illegality. Since I'm getting only a trivial amount of spam, I have maximally open comments, and I "moderate" by deletion. This might change if I start getting a lot of spam.

Comments are moderated. I will publish only non-retarded comments. I tend to reject empty praise as well as empty obloquy. I read all the comments, even the ones not published.

You may be as angry, hostile, vituperative, nasty, condescending or generally assholey as you please. I don't expect my commenters to restrain themselves in this regard to any greater extent than I restrain myself. The likelihood that I'll publish your comment is in direct proportion to the presence (not the quality) of something I can construe as an argument. My response will, however, take into account the quality of the argument. I usually respond more gently to people who are polite, but there are levels of stupidity that piss me off. And, of course, a lie told politely is still a lie.

If you have something to say, but you don't want your words to appear in the comments, you're welcome to email me. My default assumption is that, unless you explicitly say so in each email, you wish your email to be private. Barring physical threats or other illegality, I will respect your privacy unless compelled otherwise by due process of law.

I'm not Maddox: Even if you send me an illiterate flame, I'm not going to publish it; I have better things to do than mock the privately stupid. If you're stupid and you want to be mocked, start a blog and make your stupidity public.

My regular correspondents are white-listed. If you're a first time correspondent, you'll probably get through regardless, but you can also include the words "Barefoot Bum" in the subject line to be sure to bypass my spam filters. I will discard emails and black-list senders at my whim.

Again, I tend to respond more quickly to emails that disagree with my positions or offer important clarifications. If I feel the need to respond to your email, I will keep your identity confidential and paraphrase your points. And again, it's gratifying to read emails which express support and agreement; even if I don't respond on the blog, I'll definitely reply with my thanks.

I don't take money or donations, I don't have any ads of my own, nor will I do so in the foreseeable future. If you're so moved, you may contribute to the National AIDS Marathon Training Program (full disclosure: I work a half day a week in logistical support for the organization for a minuscule stipend).

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Please pick a handle or moniker for your comment. It's much easier to address someone by a name or pseudonym than simply "hey you". I have the option of requiring a "hard" identity, but I don't want to turn that on... yet.

With few exceptions, I will not respond or reply to anonymous comments, and I may delete them. I keep a copy of all comments; if you want the text of your comment to repost with something vaguely resembling an identity, email me.

No spam, pr0n, commercial advertising, insanity, lies, repetition or off-topic comments. Creationists, Global Warming deniers, anti-vaxers, Randians, and Libertarians are automatically presumed to be idiots; Christians and Muslims might get the benefit of the doubt, if I'm in a good mood.

See the Debate Flowchart for some basic rules.

Sourced factual corrections are always published and acknowledged.

I will respond or not respond to comments as the mood takes me. See my latest comment policy for details. I am not a pseudonomous-American: my real name is Larry.

Comments may be moderated from time to time. When I do moderate comments, anonymous comments are far more likely to be rejected.

I've already answered some typical comments.

I have jqMath enabled for the blog. If you have a dollar sign (\$) in your comment, put a \\ in front of it: \\\$, unless you want to include a formula in your comment.