Thursday, February 14, 2008

Abortion lies

Yet another instance of a theistard lying about abortion: "the consensus is that abortion poses a great [cancer] risk to women."

This is a lie: There is no consensus. Jim Jordan probably believes he is telling the truth, but one has a moral duty to actually check one's facts; gross negligence is as evil as malice.

According to Planned Parenthood, no major scientific organization dedicated to the study of cancer supports the link between abortion and breast cancer. The Wikipedia article clearly shows that the issue is at least a matter of considerable controversy.

Sorry Jim. One lie and you lose. Check your facts.

Update: I seem to vaguely recall something about bearing false witness in the Bible. I think Jim deserves the title hypocrite as well.


  1. On the other hand, there does seem to be some circumstantial evidence that opposition to abortion promotes stupidity in male anti-choicers.

  2. But there is a link between lies and agendas.

  3. Well, as far as bearing false witness goes, one cannot lie to functions, and isn't that all women are: functions?

  4. Damn straight, Kelly. Now get in the kitchen and bake me a pie!


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