Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today's reading

Ted Rall illustrates metaphysical differences between Obama and Clinton.

Jesus and Mo discuss Islamic human rights.

I think Scott Meyer and I share a few of the same critics.

Jen Sorensen puts a new spin on Two Americas.

Tim Kreider offers a novel economic stimulus package.

Don Asmussen reveals some of the more obscure effects of the looming economic depression.

The Apostate admires iconoclastic rule-breakers. Quelle suprise.

The Rude Pundit descends into horse-race campaign reporting. I think he's mistaken and misguided.

Shalini Sehkar is still MIA.

James eviscerates theistard Edward T. Oakes anti-atheist bullshit and Oakes' inability to read or comprehend simple declarative sentences.

I'll be posting later on Geoff Arnold's inquiry into the ethics of belief and persuasion, responding to Mark Rowland's article.

Mike the Mad Biologist connects health care and wages. I may write on this topic myself, as time permits.


  1. I want to resurrect my blog but sadly, the shit that I'm in makes it impossible.

    I miss my blog and the word 'theistard' very much.


  2. If there's anything I can do, any way I can help, let me know.


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