Friday, May 23, 2008

Clinton and Obama

Please pay close attention, readers, because I'm fucking sick and tired of repeating myself.

First: I do not support Hillary Clinton. I like her as a person, I think she's a strong, powerful woman, and I admire her for that strength, but I'm pretty much opposed to her politically on almost every point. I voted for her in the primaries for very superficial reasons (mostly because she has something actually resembling a health-care plan, whereas Obama's plan is complete hot air and bullshit) but I have never strongly supported her candidacy.

I do not maintain that vote for Obama is itself misogynist. There are many good reasons to prefer Obama over Clinton. That he has a penis, however, is not among them.

I am opposed and disgusted by the misogyny Hillary Clinton has faced in this race. Even if she were a Margaret Thatcher-style conservative extremist, I would still be disgusted by the misogyny. Attack her for her policies all you like, I'll join in the chorus.

I like Barack Obama. He seems like an intelligent, sincere, hard-working and mostly honest politician, as politicians go. But I don't support him politically any more than I do Clinton. Let me make this perfectly clear:

Barack Obama is not going to end the war in Iraq. Obama is not going to fix the economy. (And neither would Clinton.)

If you think he is, you're as deluded as any Christian fundamentalist. We're in this mess because of the Republicans and conservatives, and Obama has made a point of declaring that he wants to work with the Republican party.


  1. While I don't think I've quite reached your level of cynicism about the Democratic Party (though I could be close) I still think I'll always vote Democratic (at least for president) simply because I cannot in good conscience ever let a Republican hold that office ever again, simply because of the damage they do with that much power.

    I do hold out some hope for Obama, but in the end, though I don't really think things will be that much greater in many respects, I simply refuse to let the criminal behavior of the GOP in the executive branch be rewarded with more power for the GOP. If we can't get them all in jail, at least we can keep them out of the halls of executive power. Specific deterence.

  2. I am not an Obamamaniac, but I support him over the other candidates. I think he is the person we need at this juncture in history to repair America's tattered image abroad.

    I don't expect miracles, I just want someone who possess some measure of competency and intelligence at this point.

  3. As I've said before, if you support Obama for substantive reasons, vote for him and argue for his candidacy with FWIW my blessing.

    Just don't condemn Clinton for the same traits, tenacity, strength, and assertiveness, we would admire in any man.


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