Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reading the Bible

I now have a new officially favorite translation or interpretation of the Christian Bible. It starts here and just gets better.

Resurrecting Reason


  1. I tried to go to this site and my browser flashes an error message and shuts down over and over and over again. I can go anywhere else, just not here. WTF?

  2. anfractuous:
    It's a Blogger site, so I can't think why you would have any difficulty. Can you let me know what Browser and OS you're using so I can test it?

  3. I just tested it again. It loads the front page and then shuts my browser down. I'm using XP (got rid of Vista) and Internet Explorer 7. The really odd thing is I read Bum's post (lesson #1) successfully, then tried to go to your archives. That's when it started. I've been wandering around since my former posting, reading every other site just fine.

    I'm not all that computer savvy, but this is just weird.

  4. I'm having problems with your site in IE7/XP as well, Shawn. I normally use Firefox, and it seems to work fine there. Anfractuous, I do recommend Firefox; it's quite superior to IE.

  5. To be specific, I'm having the same problem in IE7 as Anfractuous: It loads one page and then the browser crashes.

    Firefox works fine, even with all the scripts allowed.

  6. Okay, guys...I just loaded up my XP partition and got the same issue. I think my TIBU widget was doing it. It seems to work fine now.

    Anfractuous, thanks for pointing this out. I'm a Mac user so I'd never have noticed on my own and XP/IE7 accounts for a majority of internet users.

    Please let me know if it's working for you now. (I also concur that you should get Firefox, Safari or even Opera -- but it's also my job to make sure my site works for the browser YOU want :) )


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