Saturday, March 06, 2010

On the necessity of a revolution

A reactionary commenter at Comrade PhysioProf opines:
I am absolutely a violent threat. I despise the arrogant, elitist scum that post here. I would happily choke you until the life left your soulless carcass. If we were to share the same room in a physical sense you would and should be fearful of your well being. You are the enemy, a threat to the well being and happiness of myself and my children and grand children. Your danger is in your self righteous ignorance. Should we have the misfortune to continue farther along the path of the statist progressive oppression, then I for one will welcome whatever necessities may be required to remove the tyrannical elitists from power.

You claim that I am uninterested in reason or logic, yet you are the one that refuses to acknowledge the documented failures of your ideology. You claim that I am the one who wishes push my opinions on others while in fact it is your ideology and the leaders that you support that wish to push their thoughts and programs upon the rest of us, actually must push them on us, “for our own good” in your not so humble opinion, no doubt. ...

I am not the one pushing anything on anyone. I wish only to be left alone to live my life how I choose, not how some elitist bureaucrat chooses. That freedom is important enough to me to defend it with my life, or yours. So yes, my progressive enemy, feel the threat, it is real.
Anyone who is familiar with RaptureReady, Stormfront or the general eliminationist rhetoric even in the mainstream "conservative" venues can call this attitude aberrant or idiosyncratic: it is typical of the reactionary, Randian, eliminationist right.

Even if our goals were no larger than merely keeping the relatively liberal version of capitalism established in the early- to mid-twentieth century, we would be facing determined violent opposition. But the liberal democrats have proven time and again that they do not want to acknowledge or meet this threat while it is still relatively weak. No, these violent, eliminationist, "fascist" bastards are going to take over; the only question is: who will lead the resistance?

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