Thursday, March 25, 2010


db0 falls for the Spanish Prisoner scam. What does this uber-anarchist do? He goes to the police!

Are anarchists even stupider than Christians? Probably not, but it's pretty close.


  1. He really fell for a sob story about trying to get to motherfucking Greenland? What a dumbass. And this story is a perfect example of a scammer who is more into it for the thrill of convincing the mark of something so outlandishly absurd that it completely shatters credulity.

  2. Too bad for db0. There was a time when I might have fallen for something like that, and of course one never completely knows what one will do until after the fact (something conmen rely on), but I think red flags would have gone up all over the place for me the moment the two words "bank account" were used. Lucky that he didn't have his whole account drained.

    Just a pedantic note: Can you really call that a Spanish Prisoner con? That would seem to require an appeal to the mark's sense of greed (as db0 mentions), something all the Nigeria frauds do.

  3. Can you really call that a Spanish Prisoner con?

    Dunno; I'm not an expert in con game taxonomy.

    The crux of the biscuit is not the con or that db0 fell for it, but his failure to take even the slightest bit of personal responsibility. It's not that anyone ever "deserved" to be conned, but without his own gullibility this con would not have happened. His lack of personal responsibility leads directly to his disproportionate feelings of outrage and entitlement to sympathy and relief.

    He seems more outraged that everyone isn't dropping everything to give him hugs and help track down the perpetrator than he is about the original offense.

    It's tough to be a populist when everyone disagrees with you, and db0 appears all too willing to make use of authoritarian power structures when his own ox is gored.

    I myself wouldn't hesitate to call the police, but then again I don't call myself an anarchist.


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