Friday, April 08, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (chatting edition)

the stupid! it burns! A Chat With Atheists
Negative atheist: Kalam argument example, Everything that begin to exist has a cause. Where does god come from…what caused him to exist??

Christian: I think you misunderstood the argument. It does not argue for everything that exist has a cause, but everything that BEGIN to exist. God did NOT BEGIN to exist thus needs no cause.

Negative atheist: Then kalam argument is just another God of the Gap, everything that you believers can not explain is easily blamed to God. “God did it!”

Christian: That is false, Kalam argument leads as to a beginningless, uncaused, timeless, spaceless, immaterial cause of the beginning of time and material( the Universe) we, Christian call God.

Negative atheist: Yah yah! Have you not read that scientists can show that something can come from nothing given the laws of physics.

Christian: Is that not amazing, what part of nothing do “your” science sources do not understand!

Negative atheist: Well, molecules collided together and boom, we have the big bang.

Christian: Well, but there we already have something “Molecules”. How could that be something from nothing?
Philosophy is so much easier when you can put words in your opponents' mouths.

Update: The original author asks me to note that the dialog is fictional. He (I think) also asks how he's putting words in his opponents' mouths. That's kinda what a fictional dialog means: you're not using the words someone else actually said, instead of doing what an honest person would do: using arguments actual people use.


  1. Christian: No no. See, I've reworded my argument to make it sound less like special pleading. And just ignore the fact that my premise is still false and/or a completely bare assertion.

  2. Dan: Nice, but you forgot to include the original's... non-canonical... grammar.

  3. Thank you for re-posting my post. Would it be wise to include.

    "This dialogue is fictional but inspired by the comments in this blog. Enjoy the dialogue between Christian, Negative Atheist, and Positive Atheist."

    Moreover how am I putting words in an opponents' mouths.

    Honest is virtue, thank you for adding the link :)


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