Monday, April 18, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (moral capital edition)

the stupid! it burns! The New Atheists and Their Recent Attacks
If you’ve looked over the best seller lists recently you may have noticed two new books that champion the cause of atheism. One is by the Englishman, Richard Dawkins and the other, titled "Letter to a Christian Nation" is by the American, Sam Harris. [Letter to a Christian Nation and The God Delusion were published in 2006. I guess that's new compared to the Bible - ed.] ...

The atheistic fundamentalists are deeply committed to the belief that life formed by accidental collisions of atoms and death causes the ending of consciousness. Not surprisingly, they are deeply committed to evolution as an explanation of origins. ...

The rejection of God and of God’s morality because of Darwinism brought the rise of communism and fascism as atheist political philosophies. (Though Nazism was technically an occultic system it was heavily influenced by evolution based racial theories.)

The mass murders that occurred under Hitler, Stalin and Mao caused a radical pessimism and nihilism under Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. The pessimism was the result of the fact that 300 years of modern philosophy did not result in the discovery of a system of moral absolutes that could unite the world in peace. Absolute morals are morals that apply to all people across all cultures. ...

I will say that the atheist worldview gives no real philosophical underpinning for morality. As Dostoevsky wrote: "If there is no God, All things are permissible." ...

As evolution and its implicit atheism is taught in taxpayer funded schools it has caused the secularization of society. The schools turn out many scruffy, ill-mannered people with no moral compass, guided only by their base, animal appetites.

The moral capital built up over generations when people learned the Bible at home and at school and at church is being spent and this valuable Christian moral capital needs to be replenished.

The article is long, and chock full o' stupid.

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