Monday, June 06, 2011

The Stupid, It Burns! (collegiate edition)

the stupid! it burns! New Atheism gurus found a College dedicated to "logic and critical thinking" - but apply elsewhere if you use logic to critique atheistic humanism!
It seems that the atheist Professor AC Grayling is in the process of founding a new centre for higher education, called the New College of the Humanities. ...

[M]any will question the motives behind such an institution. Obviously, one of the reasons for establishing the New College of the Humanities is to educate young minds - especially to form them in the rudiments of a truncated world-view in which only atheists are deemed to posses the use of logic or are able to think critically! I can envisage, then, that this College will soon become a seminary for clerics of the New Atheism - men and women convinced that their lack of belief in the transcendent confers upon them some Nietzschean superiority to lower humans. Maybe its motto could be "atheist shall speak unto atheist" or "Ich lehre euch den √úbermenschen" (I teach you the Superman)?

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, how can a small, expensive college devoted to the hard sciences & captained by uber high-profile humanists ever hope to fool the public for long.


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