Friday, February 15, 2013

The Stupid! It Burns! (yo mama edition)

the stupid! it burns! In "
God Haters Part Deus, The New Pantheon
," Alexander McNabb unleashes a torrent of abuse and insult on the hapless New Atheists:
My first writing on the subject of “New Atheism” and its vulgar, stupid adherents provoked a sort of predictable outrage you’d expect from a people un-accustomed [sic] to intellectual criticism. Most of the responses displayed the typical poor reading comprehension, lack of philosophy, and general absence of critical thinking skills I’ve come to expect from Vulgar Atheists.
Read on to find quite a lot of rather eloquent abuse; as for philosophy, and critical thinking skills, not so much.

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  1. The one thing I have found when talking to theist is their ability to attack with tons of ad homonyms when asked a really simple question--like "and where was the garden again?" or "There was Adam, Eve, & Cain, & possibly a few unnamed sisters; now what is wrong with incest?" or "There was Noah & family; now what is wrong with incest?" They get real excited when asked those questions by us 'vulgar atheist'. But strangely it is the theist who thinks incest is perfectly OK.


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