Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Stupid! It Burns! (atheistic fraud edition)

the stupid! it burns! Magicians Penn & Teller are atheistic frauds
As Cornelius Van til often said, “Unbelievers can count, but they cannot account for counting.” . . . But if every day is an atheist holiday, then every day is a day without God and a moral law to go along with it. There’s no one beyond me who will judge, so why should I care if I’m ripping people off in the name of ‘supernaturalism.’ Penn might find it wrong, but there is nothing in his worldview that says it’s wrong. . . .

As believers in evolution, they must believe that matter appeared out of nothing and life came from non-life. Penn & Teller would never claim that they could make a single molecule appear out of thin air, but they must believe that the birds, the bees, the trees, and you and me came into existence and evolved from nothing into a superheated, ultimately sterile chemical soup.


  1. WoW! 2 paragraphs of mostly BS. So many mistakes there ain't any room for logic fallacies.

  2. Well...some physicists do posit that matter appeared out of "nothing" but the definition of nothing is a tricky and strange thing. Particles have been observed apppearing out of vacuum flux.

    Can there be a "no-thing" if there is no "thing"?

    Can there be a deity from "before time" if time itself is a property of matter/energy?


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