Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wealth inequality in the United States

(via PZ Myers)

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  1. Has anyone read history? We americans go all gaga about how we don't have royalty! Who are they kidding? In the DarkAges there were 3 types of rich, criminals, religion (not much different then crooks), and royalty (again no real difference with crooks) and this is the same situation here today.
    But this is the way things must be because we all know that the 1% are hard working 'job creators' who need 99% slaving away to keep them uber-rich.
    The unions were a good start to help make things work fairly, its just too bad they decided to become dishonest in their dealings and handling of situations (personally observed this).
    The only real solution I can see is for the american people to wake up (HaHaHahahahaha) and get some balls (HaHaHahahahaha yea right) and vote the criminals that have allowed this out of congress. Voting GREEN may not be a good solution but it may make the lazy schites (dems & Repukes) in congress wake up and smell their own BS.
    People have to work and not expect everything handed to them, something most immigrants know about.
    Unions must work with workers and management HONESTLY, and it would be nice for management to do the same.
    We need to buy home grown products not just cheap foreign stuff.
    It wont be easy and many will scream UNFAIR!! about something.


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