Saturday, August 09, 2014

More religious bafflegab

I don't have much to say about this article: Sam Harris: You Are My Data, because Matt Sheedy, a PhD candidate in religious, spends 1700+ words saying nothing but that religion is complicated. Duh. This is probably the one thing that really irritates me most about religious studies majors and theologians. They literally do nothing else but use thousands (or tens or hundred of thousands) of words to say nothing more than that religion is complicated, and that people who aren't (soi-disant) experts in religion just should just STFU and GBTW. I'm sorry, but the role of experts isn't to shut up the laity; their job is to educate. Don't tell me what religion isn't; tell me what it is, and back up your assertions with real scholarship and science, not empty bafflegab.

I rarely agree with Sam Harris, but at least the man tells us what he thinks and why he thinks it, something I've never seen, heard, or read any religious person — expert or layman — do in any honest, sincere way.


  1. Religion is complicated?? What is complex about nonsensical BS about fairy tales. When they can show me an experiment I can perform that demos the truth of anything they say then they may have something complex.

  2. Eh. Religion, in the sense of all the things that human beings do and label as "religion," is as complicated as any other social construct: fairly complicated. So what? We can study complicated things, and say more than just "it's complicated."


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