Sunday, January 14, 2007

Recommended Articles

The Height Gap by Burkhard Bilger in The New Yorker (March 29 2004)

John Komlos is the "pope" of a new field of "anthropometric historians", drawing conclusions from historical correlations of physical human measurements, especially of height, with their societies' socioeconomic and political characteristics. His data and conclusions are surprising: He observes that while average height in European societies continues to grow in proportion to their GDP, the average height in the United States has been flat for many years.

Betrayal at The Mahablog by Barbara O'Brien (January 13 2007)

Barbara O'Brian answers Rod Dreher's rhetorical questions (audio link).

"Hadn’t the hippies tried to tell my generation... [to] never, ever take Presidents and Generals at their word?"

"Yes," answers O'Brien.

"Why had we scorned them so blithely?"

"Because you were brainwashed."

Following the links leads us to O'Brien's own How the Democrats Lost Their Spines and Kevin Baker's Stabbed in the Back! (Harpers, June 2006).

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