Friday, July 20, 2007

Barefoot Bumf

According to Technorati, I've been linked to by a site called "The Barefoot Bumf" ( The bits excerpted by Technorati do not seem particularly complimentary; still, I'd be thrilled to pieces if I had my very own parody site. (The traffic and uptick to my link stats wouldn't hurt either.)

Unfortunately, either I've been blocked or the author has taken down the blog. Does anyone know anything about this site?


  1. If you're the author of the Bumf, or you want to create a blog of your own to parody this one, let me know: I'd be thrilled to link to you prominently and throw you some traffic.

  2. Well, if nothing else, the "abstract" looks appealing!

  3. The only bumf entry:

    Ever met a bumf? Of course you have. A bumf is a b...
    23 hours ago
    Ever met a bumf? Of course you have. A bumf is a bloke (sometimes a woman, but almost always a man) who thinks he's smarter than anyone, a brilliant raconteur, the most insightful thinker on the block. He's read one or two books, so he calls himself well-read (giving a whole new edge to the old "a little learning is a dangerous thing." He doesn't know how to converse with others, so he shouts at them, insults their opinions, and relies on bullying tactics. He isn't interested in truth, but only in winning.

  4. Well, it's a start, but I've let worse comments stay. Does the Bumf intent to continue? Perhaps s/he can use this picture.


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