Monday, December 31, 2007

Beelzebub, brooms, beauty parlors and the boy blasphemer

Yes, I'm resurrecting the Top Ten Religious Idiots theme. I'm going to be doing it in a slightly different way: Rather than updating a numbered list, I'll post the individual stories as I find them. When I get ten, I'll publish a list.

Also: About 90% of my religious idiots come from News of the Weird Daily and Fark. To save a little time and typing, I'll just be crediting them as NOTWD and FARK, without a link for each story. I'll continue to link to the primary source.

Today's first religious idiot is Pope Ratzo Benedict, who has decided to give the problem of demonic possession his full attention [NOTWD]. Ratzo is joined by Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic priests, who fought a pitched battle with brooms in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the birthplace of the Prince of Peace [Himself].

Islam gets its turn with Iraqi Muslim extremists concerned with the existential threat of beauty parlors to Islamic society [FARK].

British headmaster Ian Davidson counters the growing threat of militant atheism by barring nine-year-old Douglas Stewart from his class Christmas party because the boy's mother removed him from religious education classes [NOTWD].

Update: PZ Myers has his own list. Himself puts his two cents in as well.

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