Monday, October 13, 2008

The global financial collapse

And you think I'm pessimistic. I don't know shit about what's actually going on. This guy seems to be paying attention; he makes me look like a rose-colored-glasses pollyanna.
1. The "Ponzi Pyramid of Debt Death/Bretton Woods II" that was the world's financial system collapsed five weeks ago today. Tens of trillions of electronic fiatscos were evaporated from the servers and spreadsheets housing them.

2. Literally every single large financial instution failed, simultaneously. Worldwide.

3. The world's governments and central banks have been performing ever-greater and more desperate maneuvers to revive the now-decaying corpse, pumping in seven trillion fiatscos.

4. So far, their efforts have shown little success as the spillover effects on the credit and equity markets can no longer be hidden.

A full blown, up-in-your-face credit collapse and stock market colllapse has ensued. Again, worldwide.

5. Coming next: "Great Depression II Meets Mad Max".

6. Therefore, we're scroomed.
Stock up on canned food and firearms.

[h/t to db0]


  1. I need 11 more days. Bought my new handgun yesterday.

  2. I really want to believe that this guy is scaremongering but I just can't see obvious holes in his arguments and facts :(

    Things just keep getting worse and worse.

  3. HAHAHAH!! That dude makes your blog look like a motherfucking Care Bears Tea Party.

  4. See, the bail out is pointless, $750 bn for what? For nothing.
    Why's that then? Cos the more blood u pump into the patient- the mosquito of oil producing states is going to suck it right out again. That bail out money just is ending up in Irani and Gulf hands- and, inevitably, ure economy will collapse anyhow.Soon as they announced the bail out- oil started creping back up, u need to get it below $40, u can't do that if u live on credit. It's simple- this surplus cash in the ecnomy means high oil prices and the money is getting transferred out to u know who....
    It's better to take the fall now, right now, rather than in 10 years when u got no choice and when the theocracies have taked every last drop of blood from their patient.

    Now another, look at Iceland, nice and rich and lovely in all ways u can say and now.... it's bankrupt, there's money there, but the Icelandica currency is worthless abroad. So how can they pay for imports? And they are a island, it's like in Viking times, like Jared Diamond told,this is what is happening to America also, ure paying ure holy oil tithes and bankrupting urelselves like the Greenland Colony, or remarkably, like Iceland is right now.
    The answer?
    Me idea Larry is brilliant, really it is, we establish a Co-Prosperity Sphere in Asia, which basically means Pakistani forces as defenders of Asia's masses pump the oil under a international mandate of occupation, dressed up u can say as a re-ordering of wealth in Asia (which it is of course), but it's also the deal of the millenia and it will break the spine of theocratic patriarchy with one ruthless snap.

  5. shit, and i just bought a condo.

  6. ooops, forget to tell me name (it's me, Jaz) one posting upwards.
    Anyhow chance to tell u whats on me mind and stuff, if that's ok as such. (i hope it's not consdiered as rude in ure culture).
    I was thinking this, i mean sometimes u don't sound very happy in ureself and like angry maybe with life (but no one knows why also maybe). I think u should not worry more and more cos it's no good and u should try to be happy also, cos happiness is the most important thing we can say.
    Also, u can write me if u feel sad and stuff also, i never mind one bit.
    Ok then, bye bye, Jaz.

  7. On a more pleasant note, you've been tagged ;)

  8. Canned goods and firearms? It's a depression, not the end of civilization.

  9. Nathaniel: It's a bit of literary hyperbole, some figurative language. ;)


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