Saturday, February 06, 2010

db0 and the hair across his ass

db0 seems to have new formula: take whatever I say, interpret it in the most uncharitable way possible, even to the extent of lying and taking quotations out of context, and argue absurdly that I'm some sort of totalitarian dictator in the making.

He even argues that George Orwell is an an advocate of dictatorship, possibly one of the stupidest positions I've ever heard a human being take since I stopped debating cretinists.

Fundamentally, db0 is peeved that I failed to suck his dick with sufficient vigor after he persuaded me to self-host my blog, a move that I did not find to my liking despite his heroic efforts to make the transition. He also copped an attitude in comments; since I've returned, I've decided that I have zero patience with other people's attitudes. He's apparently taken my exhortation that "if you're going to call me a fucktard, do it on your own blog" to heart, perhaps to excess.

Judging from the comments (I don't collect any hit statistics) he's sending interesting people to my blog, so I suppose I should be grateful.

Update: I'm thinking of perhaps responding to some of his "criticisms" of my work, but his reasoning is incredibly sloppy and tendentious, he seems to lack even basic intellectual integrity, and his personal animosity is obvious; I suspect that a direct response would be no more productive than a direct response to Republicans, Randians or Christians. Anarchism — at least db0's version of it — is just incoherent sputtering bullshit, without even a valid critique of capitalism, much less any kind of realistic vision for a better society.


  1. If you find Db0 annoying and repetitive, I'd say you should exercise your freedoms as an individual while keeping your blood pressure low, and just start ignoring him. (It's what I do about a couple of the bloggers on Planet Atheism, and it helps no end to keep me from getting annoyed.)

    Of course, I disagree with Db0 on a number of issues, and committed the unforgivable solecism of posting comments disagreeing with him about the importance and practicality of open source software twice, so obviously I must be part of the Great Conspiracy Against Anarchists, and if you listen to me then clearly you're just another dupe of The Man.

  2. I'd say you should exercise your freedoms as an individual while keeping your blood pressure low, and just start ignoring him.

    Oh, I do. I just found the Orwell post especially hilarious.

  3. I laughed, dare I say it, LOL'd when I read this post. Not because of any position I hold on anarchism, but because I was amused by your uncensored display of pure tear-your-hair-out frustration. I too have experienced that.

    The mommy in me wants to say "shame on you for airing your grievances in such a tacky way", but I think the resulting flame war from you posting this will be too amusing to miss.

  4. It does appear, though, that if I said the sky was blue, db0 would accuse me of moronically failing to note that the sky only appears blue because of Raleigh scattering.

  5. I was amused by your uncensored display of pure tear-your-hair-out frustration.

    Oh, Nerd, you have no idea what I'm like when I feel pure tear-my-hair-out frustration. This post is just roll-my-eyes grow-up-and-get-a-grip mild irritation.

    You'll know when I get really pissed off at someone by the salt plowed in their fields, the lamentations of their women*, the abrupt rise in background radiation, rents in the space-time continuum and nameless Lovecraftian horrors rising from the deep.

    *A reference to the movie Conan the Barbarian.

  6. Db0. There's a blast from the past. Names like that make me nostalgic for the 'golden era' of blogging when I followed Stephen Laws' (then) popular blog and eventually branched into reading people like yourself.It's a shame most blogs are inactive now but people move on I guess.

    Anyway,have a good xmas and I hope to read more of your work in 2016.


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