Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ein volk, Ein Reich, Ayn Rand

The Bitch is Back:
2009's most influential author is a mirthless Russian-American who loves money, hates God, and swings a gigantic dick. She died in 1982, but her spawn soldier on. And the Great Recession is all their fault
Some juicy quotes:

"From almost any page...[' says Whittaker Chambers who reviewed Atlas Shrugged for the National Review, ']a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: "To a gas chamber—go!"'"

"One day you've got a bright young kid dutifully connecting the dots of his liberal-arts education; the next, he's got Roark and Galt in the marrow and has become... an insufferable asshole."

"[N]one of us can escape the shadow of the lone straight shaft of the Taggart Building tumescing in the distance."

"'As a fiction writer, she's absurd,' says author and Vanity Fair columnist Christopher Hitchens, who is arguably the most opinionated Homo sapiens since Rand herself. 'But if you're young and not particularly wanted and not particularly brilliant, reading Atlas Shrugged provides all the feelings of compensation one might need for any period of terrifying inadequacy.'"

"'No matter what you think of Rand,[' says Nick Gillespie, ']there's no denying that the woman just swings a really big dick.'"

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  1. Though your blog is old on this, I just saw a blip on her from John Oliver's: Is this still a 'thing' and I whole-heartedly agree. I was actually using my own idea for an article and you picked up on your own my personal Nazi thoughts of the woman, but I was more brutish and blunt: Ayn Rand, Ein Bitch! It's this kind of influence, and she's not the only one, that's keeping us American's in this selfish mess we've created and continue perpetuating for ourselves. I would consider her mentality a "World Annihilator"! Cheers from a fellow mind!


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