Friday, October 07, 2011

The Stupid! It Burns! (Original sin edition)

the stupid! it burns! Andrew Sullivan usually avoids burning stupidity, but today...
I would argue that original sin is a mystery that makes sense of our species’ predicament – not a literal account of a temporal moment when we were all angels and a single act that made us all beasts. We are beasts with the moral imagination of angels. But if we are beasts, then where did that moral imagination come from? If it is coterminous with intelligence and self-awareness, as understood by evolution, then it presents human life as a paradox, and makes sense of the parable. For are we not tempted to believe we can master the universe with our minds – only to find that we cannot, and that the attempt can be counter-productive or even fatal? Isn’t that delusion what Genesis warns against?

Religion turns even the most intelligent (and Sullivan is smarter than you and me put together) into blithering idiots.

(via Jerry Coyne)

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