Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (imagine a new religion edition)

the stupid! it burns! Predictions on the New Atheist Movement by The Wise [sic] Sloth
New Atheism will go the way of Buddhism and academic philosophy [which, "idiots" have turned into what are religions in the anthropological sense]. . . .

Every single argument you find on the internet for why atheism isn’t a religion may be right (smug and condescending but right), and yet…outside of the debate chambers something interesting is happening. . . .

Legions of idiots ... [are] going to* latch onto whatever is most popular, and if they see one group of people being smug, condescending assholes to another group of people they’re going to join the smug, condescending assholes because they would rather be the one picking on outsiders than the one being picked on. . . . [T]he atheist bandwagon is picking up speed. Naturally, it’s picking up idiots at an exponential rate. Those idiots are going to bastardize atheism the same way they bastardized Christianity. . . . I predict that idiots will hijack and screw up the New Atheism movement. In fact, I reckon that process has already started, and it’s not a matter of when the bastardization will begin but how fast it will progress.

*Note the transition from the present tense, "something interesting is happening," to the future tense "idiots . . . [are] going to latch onto." (The original mentions idiots and continues with "They're going to latch onto." The ellipsis and insertion are purely grammatical.)

Happily, the author does not seem to identify as a New Atheist, so we are spared the task of evaluate evaluating the impact of his own idiocy on the movement.


  1. Well, okay!

    Better idiot atheists than idiot xtians.

    Although, idiot Buddhists like Steve Jobs are always a welcome addition too.

    Love ya,


  2. Ho, ho. Thank's very much. It's good


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