Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Stupid! It Burns! (sexual harassment edition)

the stupid! it burns! Monkey See, Monkey Do:
Atheist women complaining they're being sexually harassed at atheist conventions. . . .

[M]ost of the atheist women I've encountered throughout my life ought to be flattered that any guy would want to "harass" them in the first place. They're not known for their womanly femininity, if you know what I mean. As my aunt's brother Kermit use to say, "Someone’s done fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch coming down." . . .

Yes. I realize that could be taken as a mean-spirited, generalized stereotype. . . .
Ya think?
Second. When it comes to the atheist men, we're not necessarily dealing with suave, debonair gentleman dressed for success. Its [sic] mostly a room full of scruffy, ponytail guys with borderline Asperger's. . . .

Of course, this makes me wonder if what we have happening at these conventions is a bunch of goofy guys trying their socially awkward best to pick up women. The women don't necessarily want to be picked up because … well … They’re socially awkward atheist guys who are going to bore you to death about Larry Niven. It's the classic, if the guy is a weirdo it's sexual harassment; if he's attractive, he's flirting. . . .

And we have bonus stupidity from the lone commenter:
I'm still waiting for Atheists to explain why sexual harrassment [sic] is wrong. . . . I know they can't possibly.

(via reader Ben Wallis)

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