Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't Download This Song


  1. I do like a lot of Weird Al's stuff.
    But At this point I plead guilty to pirating.
    Please have the RIAA come and get me. I have 3 preexisting medical conditions so need some place to go that will give me medical treatment.

  2. After posting the above, I was reading an article in PopSci Mag about spying. Now that our new republican president (for as much as he gives in to them) has now said its OK to spy on americans without a court order, I could be in big trouble for the above. There is no Smiley at the end, so it must be a serious statement, the RIAA is power crazed, and if read then I, or who ever, could be arrested and thrown in jail or more likely GitMo. With the (non)Patriot Act, permission to spy, and no conscience it is risky to post stuff. So there is a smiley attached to the above post. I have not really pirated anything.
    Hows that for paranoia!!!!.


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