Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Film lovers will love this!

Most definitely not safe for work!

Film lovers will love this!: A celebration of sexuality in award-winning European films.

A tip of the hat (which, in the spirit of the old joke, one should hang on to) to Hydra009 at Rants 'n Raves who comments:
[The] raunchy clip was criticized as "immoral" by sexually-repressed European fundie douchebags. "They do have an image problem but I think cobbling together 44 seconds of soft porn on the internet is not a brilliant way of solving it," a Conservative British MEP said.

Undaunted by the criticism, the European Union spokesman retorted, "The European Union is not a bible belt, we believe in freedom of expression and artistic creativity,"


  1. Well, I suppose it gave more people more fun than most of the things the EU wastes our tax on. We'll draw a veil over the fund it was meant to promote. BTW, the douchebag in question was Polish. Just sayin'.

  2. What? The EU wastes tax dollars? I'm disillusioned! ::wink::

    I'm not sure what the nationality of the douchebag in question has to do with anything.

  3. Not much - I just read the bit you snipped as saying that the British MEP was the one saying immoral. But in fact he was making a more sensible point, and the immoral bit was a Polish Catholic anti-gay contribution. I was thinking, religious idiot, and typed Polish as shorthand for Catholic. Haven't done my post-chemo brain reboot yet.


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