Sunday, July 01, 2007

Six Months!

Not counting the trivial post I made in May 2006, I've now been blogging for six months.

Some statistics:
404 posts since 1 Jan 2007

Since I started tracking page hits on 28 Jan 2007, there have been 29,435 Page Loads, 21,083 Unique Visitors, 15,416 First Time Visitors, and 5,667 Returning Visitors (thanks to

As of this morning, the blog's Technorati rating is 196 197.
I'm a flappy bird in the TTLB ecosystem (Score: 125; Rank: 4923).

Andrew Sullivan has linked here three times. (I could probably get him to link here more often, but reading his blog does very bad things to my blood pressure). I've been quoted in Slate Magazine.

I've been banned from (or asked to leave) four Religious blogs.

Not too shabby, IMnsHO.

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