Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Islamic culture

Himself does some stellar work on Islamic culture:

FGM. A Glimmer Of Hope: Happily, the UK is beginning to crack down legally on this barbaric practice.

Us And Them: Muttawa Watch, The Land Of Darkness: Again, happy news, as the Saudi civil government begins an attempt to hold to account the religious police, who are charged with enforcing a strict Islamic moral code.

Another One Gets The Chop: Saudi Arabia escalates its implementation of capital punishment, executing its 102nd victim. The United States remains the sole Western Democracy which implements the death penalty.

Acid Attack On Nine Year Old Wife: Although I'm opposed to the death penalty, it's at least encouraging that the Bangladeshi courts have taken this heinous crime seriously enough to sentence its perpetrator to death.

Acid Attack Dress Code: Ah those nutty Muslims. If anyone knows of a local Muslim cleric who authoritatively and unequivocally denounces using acid attacks to enforce Islamic dress codes, please reply in the comments. I'm not holding my breath.

Jordanian Honour Killing: Six months in prison for killing his pregnant sister. That's more like the Islamic justice we've all come to know and love.

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