Monday, August 20, 2007

More Random Facts

I've been tagged by jean kazaz; I've been tagged before, so I'll have to come up with 8 more facts.

  1. I mentioned in my previous post that I dropped out of high school and college. Technically, I finished high school early, taking the California High School Proficiency exam, and I was admitted to the University of California at Berkeley; since I didn't fulfill my high school's criteria, however, I didn't actually graduate. I dropped out of UC Berkeley less than a year later.
  2. I'm a pretty good poker player; I can hold my own in a casino, and I always win against my friends. I play with friends always for stakes less than the beer contribution.
  3. I'm a strong amateur Go player, but I won't get any better until I can take professional lessons.
  4. I taught myself to play a few pieces on the piano, including Bach's Two-Part Invention #14.
  5. I learned computer programming when I was 14, auditing classes at Kansas University where my mother was a graduate student
  6. I learned everything I know (academically) about English grammar in a six week intensive class in 6th grade
  7. I learned philosophy arguing with Christians on the Internet Infidels Discussion Board
  8. I learned carpentry, plumbing and electrical work when I owned and maintained my home in Colorado
Autodidact as I am, my wife is still irritated with me that I won't read the classics of English literature.

Since I've already tagged 8 people I'll just tag my readers. If you want to play and you have a blog of your own you can post there, or you can post 8 random facts about yourself in the comments. If you haven't been tagged before, please tag 8 other people explicitly.


  1. Larry, I've tagged you as a Thinking Blogger - please see Anticant's Arena.

  2. Autodidact as I am, my wife is still irritated with me that I won't read the classics of English literature.

    You're missing out. :)

    But, as I won't read science fiction, I guess we're even.

    Of course, you're missing out more.

  3. What if he promises to read "1984" and "Animal Farm?"

    I am The Great Communicator.

  4. I've read both, plus most of the rest of Orwell. I've also read a ton of Somerset Maugham.

    But Dickens, Eliot, Austen and the like leave me cold.


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