Monday, August 13, 2007

Quotation of the day

When a man ejaculates, his genitournary tract is bathed in a substance called prostatic antibacterial factor. It does a good job killing off pathogens. In a study of men with prostatitis who abstained from sex, a prescription of twice daily masturbation for six months provided moderate to complete relief for 78 percent of the 18 subjects...Bottom line: Men who struggle with chronic prostatitis must take their health into their own hands.

Aaron E. Katz, Dr. Katz's Guide to Prostate Health: From Conventional to Holistic Therapies

So much for the religious Christian prohibition against masturbation!

(h/t to Philosopher's Playground)


  1. That entry would have been so much funnier without the commentary. But that's because I have a soft-spot for quotes that make absolutely no sense removed from their immediate context.

  2. So much for the religious prohibition against masturbation!

    Just to be clear, Comedism has no such prohibition. Remember the words from Saint Mel in that sacred text, Blazing Saddles,

    "Oh Lord, can we really accomplish this great task in just one night or are we just jerking off?"


  3. my husband does this all of the time. so why does he need me? really, it is naturaul for humans to masturbate. after all animals do!

  4. Anonymous, you must take your dirty, sinful ways away from my pristine eyes. Burn with Onan, foul seed-spiller!

    Thus spake the Prophet Michael Palin:

    Every sperm is sacred
    Every sperm is great
    When a sperm is wasted
    God gets quite irate


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